Youth Goals

Connecting EU with Youth – guaranteeing meaningful youth involvement and dialogue in all stages of EU decision making by improving existing participatory mechanisms and creating new ones.

Equality of all genders – tackling discrimination and ensuring equal rights for all genders in cultural, political and socio-economical life.

Inclusive Societies – providing more spaces, opportunities, resources and programmes to foster dialogue and social cohesion, and combat discrimination and segregation.

Information and Constructive Dialogue – ensuring easy access to understandable youth-friendly information that follows codes of ethics and quality standards.

Mental Health and Wellbeing – encouraging the development of self-awareness and less competitive mindsets by fostering appreciation for individual skills and strengths.

Moving Rural Youth Forward – ensuring the decentralisation of different activities by, for and with young people in order to support their inclusion and to benefit local communities.

Quality Employment for All – guaranteeing the recognition and validation of competencies acquired through internships, apprenticeships and other forms of work-based learning, as well as volunteering and non-formal education.

Quality Learning – promoting open-mindedness and support the development of interpersonal and intercultural skills.

Space and Participation for All – increasing youth participation and thus equal representation in the electoral process as well as in elected bodies and other decision-making organs at all levels of society.

Sustainable Green Europe – ensuring everyone including young people knows the effect of their actions on the environment.

Youth Organisations and European Programmes – ensuring visibility and provide quality information on youth organisations and European youth programmes for all young people.